SureStart® reduces your HVAC unit's startup current by up to 70%

Ensure smooth compressor and motor startups on backup or battery power, reducing noise and light flicker. Trusted global brand for various applications, Eltwin Hyper offers reliable soft start technology for residential AC, heat pumps, marine, RV, and military use. Surestart® soft starters have an easy installation process and adapt automatically without the need for any user configuration.

Introducing our innovative SureStart® technology

With our SureStart® soft starters, you're equipped with a top-tier solution that slashes startup current by an impressive 70%, thereby extending the lifespan of your HVAC unit.

This advancement enhances reliability of your HVAC systems along with unparalleled convenience in off-grid living with generators and solar installations.

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Engineered specially for single-phase applications, these soft starters ensure dependable startup performance for solar inverters and generator backup power.
Compliant with major utility regulations, SureStart® delivers the most efficient soft start along with a host of protection features.

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Designed for optimal performance, these soft starters offer a significant reduction in startup current by up to 50% at affordable prices. All models feature integrated voltage protection and reverse-phase detection for reliable operation.

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Perfectly matched for RV air conditioning units, this innovative solution offers a whooping startup current reduction of up to 75%. SureStart® RV offers seamless switching between generator, inverter, and campsite power sources.

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