Set yourself apart from your competitors with our endorsed SureStart® technology


Eltwin Hyper SureStart® ensures your compressor and motor starts smoothly on back-up generator or battery power. It comes packed with a comprehensive range of protection features and it allows the user to minimize annoying start-up noise and light flicker. Our efficient and reliable soft start technology is well endorsed globally by a wide range of industries including residential air conditioning, heat pumps, marine, RV and critical military applications.


Reduce the startup current of your HVAC unit by up to 70%

Are you in the business of manufacturing air conditioners, heat pumps, or compressors?

Elevate the performance and lifespan of your compressors and motors with Eltwin Hyper SureStart®.

Effortlessly reduces peak loads, while minimizing start-up noise and light disturbances.

Our applications

  • Add an extra layer of protection to your equipment
  • Extend the life of your motor
  • Reduce motor heating because of frequent starts and stops
  • Seamlessly utilise your RV’s air conditioners
  • Prolong the life of your compressor
  • Give extra protection to your generator
  • Reduce service interruption due to power outages
  • Protect your equipment against power surges
  • Reduce the risk of motor overheating
  • Prolong the service life of your marine air conditioning compressor
  • Give it additional protection against power spikes
  • Optimising your AC’s operating efficiency
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