Hyper SureStart®

Start compressors and motors on backup power and enhance their lifetime.

Eltwin Hyper has been the pioneer in developing unique soft starters for a wide range of applications. Our novel approach enables us to provide the most compact and reliable solutions for modern solar and generator installations.

Electronic Software-Driven Soft Starters

Eltwin Hyper specializes in the design and manufacturing of single- and three-phase soft starter solutions. Our reliable and innovative soft start technology solves the modern demands of running compressors using backup power. We’re constantly developing new products based on your feedback to offer new solutions to fit your needs.

Our design, manufacturing, and distribution is based in Australia with an active presence in the USA and Europe.

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Accommodate off-grid homeowners' need for alternative power when building units for heating, ventilation, or cooling.

Most inverters and undersized generators cannot withstand the high power requirements that HVAC systems demand, resulting in huge peak loads, stress and overheating.

With our SureStart® soft starters, you are able to offer customers a solution that can be packaged with a generator or a battery inverter installation for homeowners.

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