NOVA 200

The EC NOVA Drive is a compact EC Drive which can be customized to meet your specific application needs.

To ensure the most energyefficient and reliable operation, the EC NOVA Drive works perfectly together with different motor types.

The product can either be actively or passively cooled and offers a water splash protected IP54 rating as standard. The IP rating can be adjusted to match your needs with a rating up to IP67 – for use in wet, difficult and harsh environments.

Build upon a foundation of high-quality standard features, you can optimize the product in a number of ways. This enables you to combine the best of two worlds: A well-proven foundation technology and the freedom to create a unique product.

  • Ensure reliable and cost-effective operation in demanding environments, e.g. compressors, thanks to the robustness
  • Increase usability thanks to the compact design that fits into small systems
  • Improve installation time and operation with a plug & play product designed specifically to fit your application needs
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