Eltwin Hyper SureStart®

Start compressors and motors on backup power and enhance their lifetime

Eltwin Hyper SureStart® ensures your compressor and motor starts smoothly on back-up generator or battery power. It comes packed with a comprehensive range of protection features and it allows the user to minimize annoying start-up noise and light flicker. Our efficient and reliable soft start technology is well endorsed globally by a wide range of industries including residential air conditioning, heat pumps, marine, RV and critical military applications.

Our extensive offering spans across both single and three phase applications. All SureStart® soft starters are equipped with auto-optimization to adapt to a wide range of compressors and motors without any user interface, and are easy to install.

All SureStart® products are fully approved under CE and UL standards and also ensure compliance to RoHS, REACH, 3TG and Prop65 regulations.

Supply voltages range

Single Phase

• 115 Volts

• 220-240 Volts

Three Phase

• 208-230 Volts

• 380 Volts

• 415 Volts

• 460 Volts


For use on compressors/motors*:

  • Residential Air Conditioning
  • Geothermal Heat Pumps
  • Marine air conditioning
  • RV air conditioning
  • Cold storage
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Customized solutions: Military/Government/Industrial

* All models are optimized for use with off-grid power sources like back-up generator, solar-inverter/battery.

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Comparison of hard start and soft start

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