RMA Instruction

Returning products for repair or update.

In order to create an RMA, you need a login and password. It is available by contacting: [email protected] or tel. + 45 87 36 86 05

Once you have received your login from Eltwin, so you can log in.

Remember to check "Remember Username" and remember password "so that the browser will remember your username and password for you.

Where a product is defective, either by delivery or later during the warranty period, and if you need to repair or update your product, you must have an RMA number. To send the product back to us. Please fill in the RMA form and return the item with the RMA number from our webpage.

RMA number is to help us to manage the returned goods, since we will be able to provide a faster and more precise actions indicated, whether you need to have the returned item repaired, updated software, exchanged or credited.

There will be a start-up fee of 500 DKK for a repair action.

When our testing department receives the goods, we will begin immediately to work with it. Normally, all repairs completed within 15 days of receipt. The advantage with RMA system is that all updates that have been pre-booked, created in our planning system.

In this way, we are already at the reception immediately begin to work with them and avoid unnecessary delays. After repairs are complete, we will send it back freight free, if it is a warranty repair. For further information, please contact us at tel. 87 36 86 05 or E-mail: [email protected]

If you send item back without an RMA number these will be rejected and sent back without made service / repair, at your expense.