Motron A/S

Motron has been supplying industrial sensors since 2002.

Motron is a modern networking company based in Risskov in Aarhus served by an international network of knowledge and production.
This gives Motron huge insight into the latest knowledge and developments in sensor technology and helps us maintain our leading position in the field. It also enables us to offer our customers optimal service.
Our customers thus do not do business solely with Motron, but through us, with specialists across the entire world.

Current & Voltage Sensors

Since 1972, LEM Sa has been a market leader in galvanically isolated current and voltage transducers. It utilizes Hall effect sensor technology and covers a wide range of products with closed loop, open loop and ETA sensors.

LEM also manufacture Fluxgate transducers, air-core technology and a wide range of voltage sensors. 

AC and DC current is measured from 0-150000 amps (0-500kHz)

AC and DC voltage is measured from 0-9500 volts (0-800kHz) 

LEM offers a 5 year warranty on all its products.

Visit LEM's website:

Temperature Sensors

Changzhou HuiChang Sensor Co.,Ltd, established in 1993 is a highly specialised company in the development and manufacture of NTC temperature sensors. At the company's factory in China, 450 employees manufacture more than 70 million temperature sensors each year.

Changzhou HuiChang Sensor Co.,Ltd is certified in accordance with ISO9001 and ISO14000.
Among the company's current customers are Panasonic, Vaillant, Sanyo, Electrolux, Whirlpool and Hitachi.


Italcoppie is our supplier of temperature probes fitted with PT100, PT500, PT1000 or PT10000 sensor elements.
Italcoppie has a wide range of different packaging cases and cable types.


New suppliers

Most recently we have added ExaThermometrics, Honeywell and S+S Regeltechnik to our list of suppliers of temperature sensors.

Visit EXA Thermometrics website:

Industrial Sensors

Motron is a design centre and distributor of Honeywell's sensor program.


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Pressure Transmitter


Prignitz develops and manufactures pressure sensors and pressure transmitters for non-aggressive gases. Prignitz pressure sensors are intended primarily for HVAC applications and use technologies that ensure precise measurements, even at extremely low pressure. Prignitz' headquarters are located in Berlin.


Impress Sensors is our UK collaborative partner for industrial pressure transmitters. Impress specializes in measuring pressure of both gases and liquids in aggressive environments.


Lefoo develops and manufactures a wide range of pressure switches for a variety of HVAC, pneumatic, hydraulic, pumping and food processing applications.
Lefoo also offers development and production of customer-specific solutions.


Eltwin develops and manufactures customer-specific solutions the pressure measurement of non-aggressive gases for HVAC applications.


New suppliers

Honywell and S plus S have recently been brought in as suppliers of pressure sensors.

CO2 Transmitter

SenseCube ltd – Korea Digital is our supplier and collaborative partner for the measurement of CO2. In collaboration with SenseCube, we offer a broad range of CO2 sensors and transmitters, both to HVAC and to industry. We use the NDIR measuring principle, which measures CO2 from 100 ppm to 200000 ppm.


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