Electronic Software- Driven Soft Starters

Eltwin Hyper specializes in the design and manufacturing of single- and three-phase soft starter solutions. Our reliable and innovative soft start technology solves the modern demands of running compressors using backup power. We’re constantly developing new products based on your feedback so we can offer new solutions to fit your needs.

Our design, manufacturing, and distribution is based in Australia with an active presence in the USA and Europe.

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Hyper SureStart®

Start compressors and motors on backup power and enhance their lifetime.

Hyper SureStart® ensures your compressor and motor start smoothly on a backup generator or battery power.
It comes packed with a comprehensive range of protection features and minimizes irritating start-up noise and light flicker. Our efficient and reliable soft start technology is used in a wide range of industries around the globe, including residential air conditioning, heat pumps, marine, RV, and critical military applications.

Our extensive offering spans across both single- and three-phase applications. All SureStart® soft starters are equipped with auto-optimization to adapt to a wide range of compressors and motors without any user interface — and they’re easy to install.

All SureStart® products are fully approved under CE and UL standards and ensure compliance to RoHS, REACH, 3TG, and Prop65 regulations.

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For use on compressors/motors*:

  • Residential air conditioning
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Marine air conditioning
  • RV air conditioning
  • Cold storage
  • Submersible pumps
  • Customized solutions: Military/Government/Industrial

* All models are optimized for use with off-grid power sources like back-up generator and solar-inverter/battery.

Supply voltages range

Single Phase:

115 Volts
220 – 240 Volts

Three Phase:

208 – 230 Volts
380 Volts
415 Volts
460 Volts

SureStart® - Soft Starters - single and three phase

Single phase
Achieve over 60%* reduction in startup current for your AC unit and pumps with our range of single phase SureStart solutions.

Three phase
Get rid of the damaging start-up torque and achieve over 40%* reduction in compressor startup current with our range of three phase Surestart solutions.

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