Quality / Environment / CSR

QHSE & CSR Manager

Pia Byrial

Tel. dir. +45 87 36 86 47
Mail. pb@eltwin.dk


Quality Engineer

Søren Weirsøe

Tel. dir. +45 44 22 06 54
Mail. sw@eltwin.dk


Quality Technician

Klaus Villadsen

Tel. dir. +45 87 36 86 27
Mail. kv@eltwin.dk



Quality of Eltwin

Eltwin Group has begun to use Design FMEA and Process FMEA in order to optimize the quality of the entire process from product idea to series deliveries.
Eltwin have realized that there is a need to make a strategic choice to continue to assert themselves in a world where globalization and increased competition is a part of everyday life.
We have gone from one-off production for serial production and from solely producing in Denmark to also produce in Poland. In both situations, it requires a set of actions on management and planning quality and where APQP, FMEA and PPAP are important quality tools.

Our choice of suppliers and products is based on an overall assessment of price, quality and supplier's ability to meet our environmental, safety and processes. When we assess the price of a product, we look at the 'total cost of ownership', in which both the purchase, supply, running costs, disposal mm. includes.

As a supplier to Eltwin, it can be expected to be required to:

Quality management acc. ISO9001 and work towards TS16949:




Control Plans.

Info v. Product / process changes.


UL approval.

Preparation of 8D reports

CSR including

Code of Conduct.