SureStart® - single phase

Give large compressors and motors a soft start and extend their lifetime

Achieve over 60% reduction in startup current for your AC unit and pumps with our range of single phase Surestart solutions.

This will eliminate light flicker, reduce start-up noise, and extend the life of the motor or compressor. Single phase soft starters are suitable for 1.75 to 7 horse power (hp) motors in the 220/230V models and are suitable between 0.75 to 1.75 hp for the 115V models.

Plus, all single phase models work in both 60Hz and 50Hz applications.

Supply voltages

• 115 Volts

• 220-240 Volts


  • HVAC/R
  • Irrigation/submersible pumps
  • Compressors
  • Marine/RV
  • Solar power
  • RV/trucks
  • Military/government
  • Backup generators

Features and benefits

  • Automatic adjustment to cover the range of 1.75 to 7 hp
  • Fully self-contained in a conveniently small, double-insulated and flameretardant enclosure
  • SureStart® is out of the circuit after startup. It consumes less than 2W average in running mode
  • Reduce inrush current up to 70% at startup
  • Reduce light flicker by up to 10 times
  • Reduce startup noise and vibration
  • Avoid torque stress fracture on pipes
  • Automatic optimization of motor startup current
  • Reduce the voltage dip in the power line during startup
  • Reduce mechanical stress and prevent over-heating of compressor
  • Extend motor lifetime
  • Easy installation with supplied wiring

Motor Protection Functions

  • Protects the compressor/motor from stalling at low voltages
  • Delay function limits number of motor starts per hour
  • Provides motor reversal protection during short power outages
  • Internal delay timers prevents rapid cycling in fault conditions
  • Provides brownout protection
  • Self-testing diagnostics


• SS0B12-20SN (115V, 60/50Hz, 12-20 FLA)

• SS1B08-16SN (230V, 60/50Hz, 08-16 FLA)

• SS1B16-32SN (230V, 60/50Hz, 16-32 FLA)

The SureStart®

Direct On Line Compressor Comparison