SureStart® - Pumps

SureStart® M-Series Motor Soft Starter / Single Phase

Meet the innovative SureStart® M Series, a unique format of single-phase soft starters enabling the safer and quieter operation of multiple off-grid applications.

With the M Series, each start-up is dynamic: it intuitively matches the motor's startup demand to the backup power capacity allowing a wide range of pumps and motors to run on that backup power.

Plus, with our proprietary ANTISTALL© feature—combined with the M Series’ standard low voltage protection—motors can start up and run through an off-grid power source without stalling the generator or tripping the back-up inverter.

And, of course, it’s an easy-to-install, three-wire solution packed in a fully weatherprotected NEMA4 enclosure for the ultimate reliability.

Supply voltages

• 115-230 Volts


  • Pumps
  • Compressors
  • Bench grinders
  • Lathe Motors
  • Other Motors with low interial load

Features and benefits

  • Run multiple pumps and motors on backup power
  • Minimizes internal mechanical damage of submersible pumps by eliminating kick-back effect
  • ANTISTALL© protection prevents stalling of the generator or tripping the inverter back-up
  • Prevents expensive back-up power upgrades in new and existing installations
  • Works seamlessly with both inverter and fixed-speed generators
  • Reduces supply line voltage sag during start-ups
  • Continuously monitors the running mode to prevent motor burnout
  • Provides overall safer and quieter starts
  • Delivers a seamless soft start upon restart after thermal overloading
  • Fully self-contained in a NEMA4/IP65-rated enclosure with a rugged UL-V0 flame-retardant housing
  • Auto-detects and starts load upon closure of all safety switches
  • Auto-adjusts to any motor size with applicable ratings
  • Compact, modular, and lightweight design measuring under 190x80x60mm and weighing under 450g
  • Easy fault diagnosis with an LED indicator
  • One soft starter unit per motor

Motor Protection Functions

  • Protects the compressor/motor from stalling at low voltages
  • Delay function limits number of motor starts per hour
  • Provides motor reversal protection during short power outages
  • Internal delay timers prevents rapid cycling in fault conditions
  • Provides brownout protection
  • Self-testing diagnostics


• M420AW

• M420BW