"Eltwin designed, developed and industrialized the IHC DIN LED Dimmer to our specifications. Now we have successfully launched the Dimmer and this will help us reach our objectives."


Why sell it for scrap when you can fix it? Old train wagons for passengers needed maintenance. As technology evolves and changes over time, Gycom was in need of new and improved contactors to switch on and off the heating systems for the passengers. The train wagons are old; therefore, the size of the contactor is very important as there is little space for mounting and it needs a special switching frequency.


In close collaboration with Gycom, we agreed on the specific needs for the contactor. As the wagons were already scheduled for repair, fast delivery from Eltwin was an important factor. We changed the contactor to fit the needs, now switching at a specific frequency. Software changes were made and the contactor was sent to test.


Gycom was very specific in their requirements for the contactor. However, we managed to meet the expectations and deliver the product they needed. The specific contactor was delivered only 12 weeks after the initial contact were made. What started as a one-time order, turned out to be an ongoing collaboration between Gycom and Eltwin Group. We are proud to be able to make the changes needed in a short time, which demonstrates flexibility and ability.

Martin Hannibal,

LK IHC Product Manager, Schneider Electric

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