Backer Group

Since 2013, Eltwin has been part of Swedish Nibe Element.

Nibe Element, which also owns the Backer Group, is one of the leading international manufacturers of components and solutions for measuring, controlling and electric heating applications.

Christer Fredriksson,MD, explains: 

"With a greater international focus on energy efficiency improvements, the 2013 acquisition of the Danish Eltwin group is also deemed very timely. For many years Eltwin has been a well-established supplier of industrial electronics to the energy sector and has developed a unique range of products for control and enhanced efficiency in electric motors. Product development cooperation with other Group units is highly effective, and we are convinced that these products, combined with the other products in our range, will generate very interesting opportunities for growth. We also took additional steps in this direction in 2014 by acquiring two smaller units to the business; their products constitute an excellent complement to Eltwin’s range."

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