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Job in the production

As production staff must be aware of the requirement for quality and environment that is required in an electronics company. Quality work is extensive, and a larger amount of computer work must be done to comply with the quality requirements.


Eltwin as a workplace

Respect for human rights  

The underlying principle here is that we show respect for our employees and their human rights.

Good working conditions  

The underlying principle is to maintain a high standard in the working environment at all of the Group’s manufacturing plants and to contribute to the personal and professional development of employees.

Reduced environmental impact  

Applying a holistic view of environmental work in everything from product development activities, manufacturing and choice of materials to transport, product functionality and the potential for recycling at the end of a product’s useful life.

Demands on suppliers

Underlining the need to work with suppliers who are prepared to comply with our Code of Conduct, quality criteria and business principles.

Product quality and product safety  

The underlying principle is to pay due regard to all factors which have a bearing on the quality, safety and environmental adaptation of our products.

Sound business ethics  

Guidance on matters such as honesty, decency, zero tolerance of corruption, avoiding conflicts of interest, respecting competition law and striving to provide transparency.

Social commitment

The underlying principle is, wherever possible, to become involved in the local communities where we have a presence.


The underlying principle is to ensure that all our communication is open and honest and to observe the appropriate laws, rules and norms.