Eltwin Group only accepts electronic invoicing to ensure our suppliers the most efficient and correct handling of invoices. We don't accept ordinary paper invoices or pdf-files by e-mail.  

You can send us electronic invoices the same way you send your invoices to public authorities in Denmark. 
EAN-location number: 5790002305054

Please ensure the invoice contains either our order number or a name reference of a person at Eltwin Group.

Select your alternative:

  • You can free of charge enter the invoice online on DIGIflow-portalen from Business-View


  • ‚Äč You can free of charge use NemHandelsprogram as used towards public authorities


  • In your financial integreted solution you can send us the electronic invoices through "Read In Bureau” for a fee.

If you have any questions you are always welcome to contact our Finance.